EcoFarm Conference – January 20th


I will be speaking at EcoFarm 2016 on January 20th in Pacific Grove. About EcoFarm 2016:

The need for an ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable food and farming system has never been more urgent. Our work as EcoFarmers has never been more needed or more relevant to the major issues of our day—from reversing climate change to improving human health. Many answers to the problems inherent in the extractive, chemically intensive, conventional agricultural model can be found within the ecological and organic approaches that EcoFarm works to champion. The beauty is that EcoFarm’s offerings represent some of the best work we all are all doing as a community and as a movement! Together we are “Regenerating Our Lands and Water.”

Inside this agenda you will find workshops and plenary presentations that cover the big picture and literally get into the weeds (how to manage them in an organic system). From technical discussions on biological methods, to sessions and office hours dealing with the business of farming, the conference is a roll-up-your sleeves affair that supports our individual and organizational efforts. This year we continue and expand the conference emphasis on discussion groups and peer-to-peer sharing forums, recognizing the value of all of our combined efforts and knowledge. We feature working meetings and strategy sessions, providing an opportunity to reflect on achievements and plot the course of action for the coming year. And we include topics to inspire and frame our shared project: overgrowing the conventional agricultural system, replacing it with a healthier, safer, more just food and farming system.

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