Joining the Conscious College Road Tour

Last week, I joined a panel at UC Davis, which hosted the Conscious College Road Tour visiting 16 college campuses over a span of six weeks. Sylvie Josel, a fourth-year environmental science and management major at UC Davis and member of the ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commission, said this about the panel, “they’re coming […]

Starbucks, Destroyer of the Seas

This article was originally published on EcoWatch. The millions of Starbucks “Monsanto milk” lattes intensify the industrial dairy production now overloading the atmosphere with CO2. And that excess carbon threatens all sea life—from the tiny plankton struggling to form shells in acidified waters to the whales that feed on those plankton and the algae that […]

Cracking the “Big Food” Brick Wall

[Originally published by Rodale Institute] Some of the biggest news in the food industry this year was the moment of General Mills (GM) converting Cheerios to a non-GMO cereal. In January, GM announced that it would halt the use of genetically modified ingredients in original yellow-box Cheerios. This cultural milestone signals not only the swelling […]

Why Monsanto Will Never Rule the Food World

The Three-Prong Movement That’s Stopping the Beast in Its Tracks [Originally published in Green Money Journal] The issue of how we grow and process our food, while it’s always been important, is now a hot topic both at the kitchen table and on Wall Street. From the recent scandal about a chemical used in yoga […]

GMO Inside Launches New Campaign

Dear Friends, At Nutiva, we are passionate about food transparency and GMO labeling. I founded Nutiva in 1999 to disrupt the industrial food model that favors highly processed, nutrient-deficient foods over pure, organic nutrient-dense superfoods. Our every day food choices affect our health, families, communities and the planet. I am thrilled to be running a […]